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Strategic Partners

As a relatively small foundation committed to partnering with the residents of the Diamond Neighborhoods on a vision for community redevelopment, the Jacobs Family Foundation is building relationships with a committed set of funding partners. These partners bring new resources to the table and have invested millions into the Diamond Neighborhoods to date.

Financing this innovative project has resulted in a one-of-a-kind partnership that challenges traditional philanthropy to do more for social good than make grants at arms length. This search for solutions that keep costs low and more money in the community has forged a new approach to financing community redevelopment. At the same time, new resources are coming into this community.

By leveraging our assets, we've succeeded in bringing a variety of partners to the table — non-profit and for-profit, corporate and civic, local and national. These funding partners invest in this community's vision for change through grants, program-related investments, tax credit investments, and bank financing. For Market Creek Plaza, $4.5 million leveraged $23.5 million in investment.

The members of the ground-breaking, public-private partnership that supports The Village at Market Creek share one thing - a commitment to invest in what the residents have envisioned for the future of this community.

We must become the change we want to see.

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